About Kevin Lauryssen

My name is Kevin Lauryssen and ever since I can remember I’ve been drawing on anything I can get my hands on..

I have a degree in publicity and have completed a Masters in animation. Though my interest in comics only came about later on in life, I’ve been hooked ever since! As a result, my dream to someday draw my very own comic has steadily continued to grow as well...

In 2013, I first started drawing two distinctive characters in what would later become “Game Night”, a gag-comic about board and video gaming. After having imagined and drawn these two getting into all sorts of situations, I was (and continue to be) still thoroughly in love with them and kept wondering what else I could have in store for them!

This is how “Game Night: Adventure” was born...


After a young couple gets of a ship in a harbor city, they notice something strange is happening. The city is almost deserted and the few people that remain are getting sick. Before they know it, they are thrown into an adventure which is bigger than themselves. In search of what is happening they stumble upon companions who join them in their epic journey.

Game Night Adventure is a coming of age story set in a fantasy adventure world.